Friday, November 16, 2012

My passion for music can never die. Darling Gee.

Social Activist Interview Darling Gee,

The Swagg City Entertainment Inc. Major And Famous Artist.

Darling Gee is fast becoming a household name in Spain, Italy, Holland, France...etc.  where ever the Groove is sure Darling Gee is there with his Hip Hop flow.

Social Activist: Why did you start making musik?          
Darling Gee: Music has always been my passion and it´s a God´s given talent to me.I am just showcasing my talent to the world.
Social Activist: Who was your inspiration?
 Darling Gee:  God inspires me.

In studio.

 Social Activist:   Where your parents for or against it?                   Darling Gee:  I lost my parents at a tender age but i believe they would have given me their full support.
Social Activist:  Do you still have that same passion?   
Darling Gee:My passion for music can never die.I have wasted enough time and i believe it is time for me to show the world what i can do.Nothing can stop me.I am unstopable cos God is with me. 
 Social Activist:  Do you have any rivals?   
 Darling Gee:   None that i know of.
 Social Activist:  What is your favorite cd?  
Darling Gee:      I love 2pac´s collections.         
Social Activist:  What is your favorite song?  
Darling Gee:       2pac....Changes.    
Social Activist:   Where is your favorite place to perform?
Darling Gee:  I love stage performances..before thousands of people.
Social Activist:   Have you won any awards?    
Darling Gee:   Not yet,i have just started but praying towards that.I will continue to make good music.
Social Activist:   Where are you from? 
Darling Gee:    I am from Akokwa in Imo state.
Social Activist:   Do you like to do collaborations?   
Darling Gee chillin at home.
 Darling Gee:      In the future, i would surely do colabos.
Social Activist:   When did you start making music?  
 Darling Gee:  Professionally 3yrs ago.
Social Activist:   Did someone have to push you to make music? 
Darling Gee:         No,as i said earlier,it´s a talent and i decided on my own with God by my side that it´s time to let it out.
Social Activist:   Will you ever retire?  
Darling Gee:         I don´t think so.Music for life.
Social Activist:   Does going platinum matter to you? 
Darling Gee:         Yes it does.Who wouldn´t want that.
Social Activist:   Are you the best at what you do in your opinion? 
Darling Gee in da Groove.
Darling Gee:       I am very good at what i do and i do not compare myself to anybody.Let the public be the judge.
Social Activist:   What artists in hip hop do you like? 
Darling Gee:       I like every artists that do good music.
Social Activist:   What attracts you to hip hop?
 Darling Gee:       Nothing in particular.I just love hip hop.
 Social Activist:   What message do you have for your fans? 
Darling Gee:   I promise not to let them down and will continue to give them good music.And don´t ever let anyone deter you from pursuing your dream and talent. 
Darling Gee likes Football.

Social Activist:   Social Activist wish you all the best in your musical pursuit and thanking  you for the warm reception accorded us while in your house to conduct this interview…..
Darling Gee:      It´s a pleasure having you and my house is always open to you.Thanks 

Darling Gee hit video, 

Let's Get It On.

Darling Gee! Darling Gee!! Darling Gee!!! Darling Gee!!!!.     


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